At our prosthetic lab, we are constantly striving to maintain high standards of fabrication by continuously adapting to new techniques. We offer a complete range of full and partial, removable prosthesis while keeping in mind the comfort, convenience and care of your patient. Gift your patients that confidence to speak clearly and eat confidently.

Our cast partial framework are made with exquisite attention to details using a combination of best quality materials and time tested techniques. They are sure to give a precise and comfortable fit.


  • Exceptional fit.
  • Light weight.
  • Mirror finish.
  • Reduced chances of sore spots.

Our specially designed attachments ensures a perfect fit for dentures. It is a passive retention mechanism by which the abutment teeth are not exposed to excessive forces.


  • Space saving hind of dentures.
  • Economic alternative to Implants.
  • No metal clasp.
  • Semi fixed.
  • Perfect fit.

Looking for a perfect natural look and fit for dentures?

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